AIAA Stem Teacher Grants – How to Obtain One

October 5th, 2016

AIAA STEM Teacher Grants – $500 grant competition open to elementary and secondary school teachers to augment funding for procuring materials and supplies for enhancing STEM education.

Here is all you have to do to qualify:

1) Join AIAA as an Educator Associate (it’s free) at


2) Email a proposal (2 pages maximum, MS Word or pdf format) to

Your proposal must include the following 9 elements:

  1. Summary of the objective and expected outcome of your STEM student learning project
  2. Summary of how you will use the funds to benefit the project
  3. Detailed budget for spending the $500 award
  4. Grade level of students to be included in project; K-2, 3-6, 7-8 or 9-12
  5. Number of students who will participate in project
  6. Amount of funds received from other source(s). Proposals identifying additional funding will be given priority.
  7. School principal name and confirmation that school principal supports the project
  8. Complete address of your school
  9. Your name, email, phone number and confirmation that you have joined AIAA as an Educator Associate

Proposals must be received by October 28, 2016

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