Living with General Yeager

General Yeager and I visited France in October 2008. We drove into Biarritz around 7 pm to the hotel where Kings & Queens stayed. I knew it’d be expensive but for one night, we could splurge.

We parked, walked in. The first line of defense looked down his nose at us and asked if he could help us. We were in jeans. I replied, in French, Non, merci, and kept walking. That set him back.

At the front desk, I asked how much the rooms were.

The friendly  young man asked, with or without an ocean view.

Me: Depends on the price. (Most people in a place like that wouldn’t have the guts to say that, let alone ask the price).

FYM(friendly young man): (in French) $450.

I definitely felt like Rip Van Winkle. As I weighed the idea of a splurge vs. we’d probably only be in the room to sleep and shower – and then continue on our travels; I told General Yeager: It’s about $450.

General Yeager, without skipping a beat, said: I want to sleep in the room, not buy it!

FYM burst out laughing as I did. One could tell he agreed.

We left and found another place for the night. It was pretty noisy, but clean & really for what it was still too expensive ($110).

BUT. It was near the Salon de The we would never have found otherwise.

More later.


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