Victoria Yeager’s life with Chuck Yeager

Today, General Chuck Yeager & I flew formation. The General in the front seat of a taildragger, Mike, the IP, in the front, me in the back of the Maroon & white taildragger. It was a glorious day. Calm, with a few wisps of clouds in the distance. Green with red and yellow flowers beginning to burst forth. I started on the right wing. Steady. Beautiful. The General flipped his wing to the left. I slowed went below, and came up on the right side. Super. Concentration wore me out a bit so I gave controls back to Mike.

Gen Yeager porpoised so Mike flew in trail, left side, right side…Time for lunch. We were #2 for landing.

Mike gave me controls – practice from the back seat. Caught it as we were sinking a bit too fast. Power on a little. We floated down. Mike: Keep it flying. Power off. Keep it flying. We touched down – kissed the runway and rolled out.

After we put the planes away, the three of us sat enjoying the sun, stories from Gen Yeager…He then explained to me those two clouds connected by two trails of white. They were ice crystals coming out of one cloud which was forming hail, falling to the cloud below and melting on the way doen. Nature. Wondrous.

Earlier we had flown ove r Yeager Springs where 27 adult & 5 baby horses were feeding. Another 5 adults were up the draw. I had called out the horses at 9o;clock. Gen Yeager headed left. Oops. I mean ummm ummm 3 o’clock. We have a friend who knows I have the clock backwards when I’m in a hurry so knows to look right when I saw 9 o’clock! :-). Later he said: Think about it before you speak up.

Now I’m afraid I’ll confuse our friend :-)

We had been to Yeager SpringsĀ the day before by truck. The water is crystal clear and tastes delicious. Odd to taste water with no mineral or chlorine taste. Very light.

A great day so far.


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