March 1944 Escaped Nazis – Make it to Spain

April 1st, 2016

I wake from a deep sleep to knocking on the door. I freeze. Where am I? It slowly comes back. It was not a dream- I should be in Spain. I made it over the Pyrenees without getting caught. Who is at the door, though?

I cautiously move toward the door, scanning the room for an escape and a weapon.

Someone with an American accent starts yelling: Yeager! I’m the American consul. Open up.

With a lamp in my hand, I cautiously open the door. There is a man standing there. He tells me he’s rounding up all the airmen and taking us to Lerida.

He shows me some official id.

I go with him.

He takes a group of us to Lerida, then Alhambra de Aragon. It’s a monastery.

I’m just happy to be well fed and a somewhat comfortable bed to sleep in.

Turns out it’s hot springs spa.

What a way to fight a war – hang out at the pool at a spa watching all the pretty Spanish girls.



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