Yeager! Can’t you do anything right?

May 5th, 2015

After returning from being shot down, to return to combat, I had to go all the way up the chain of command until I found myself before General Eisenhower,

The problem was if I was shot down again, the Germans might find me, torture me, and get information re the Maquis and French Underground.

General Eisenhower told me to go back to my base and await orders before I could get back on combat duty.

So I spent some time training some new guys in the P-51. I now had a D model – Glamorous Glen III since Glamorus Glen II had been shot down.

P-51 Ds in Formation

P-51 Ds in Formation


One time, we got a call from the CO: Are your guns hot?

Me: Yes.

CO: Go to the North Sea – there’s a bomber crew that’s been shot down, floating in a dinghy. Give ’em top cover, keep ’em safe until we can pick ’em up.

So off we went – glad to have a real mission.

As we were patroling, the bomber crew very happy to see us, I saw a JU-88 sneaking up from the Coast of Helgeland heading straight for the crew. I headed straight for him. He saw me and turned around. I followed, caught up to him just in time, and shot him down just as he was entering Helgeland.

When we got back, I told my CO and his response was:

“Yeager! You’re not supposed to be on combat!!!!! Can’t you do anything right?”

He gave the gun camera footage and credit to Eddie Simpson who then became an Ace while I, having shot down three, was still only credited with one. I was going backwards in trying to become an Ace.


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