Chris Golden – Oak Ridge Boy

September 9th, 2010


Chuck Yeager with Oaks

Chuck Yeager with some Oak Ridge Boys -Chris Golden (3rd from rt)

Photo by Patty Wagstaff. Fr left to rt: William Lee Golden, Donny Carr (lead guitar), Chuck Yeager, Chris Golden, Chris Nole (keyboard)

Chris is the son of William Lee Goldin. He gave K and J a copy of one of his CDs in Oroville where General Yeager introduced the Oak Ridge Boys. When General Yeager got onstage, thrilled by the surprise the audience jumped to their feet for a standing ovation! 

General Yeager was stationed in Oroville for flight training before becoming a combat fighter pilot in World War II.

Chuck Yeager offers to sing a solo when ORB didn't appear after his introduction

When J,K, and I drove to see the Oak Ridge Boys in Sparks, NV; well when we arrived – K played one song for me before we left the car. Chris has a beautiful voice. Just beautiful. Who knew? The drummer has another instrument.


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