You Put Perfume in the Air, It Touches Everyone

June 29th, 2014

We haven’t seen our pals the Oak Ridge Boys in a while so we put on one of their CDs driving home from flying today and sang along.

“Everyday” was on. I rocked on.

“You know a smile never goes out of style
So brighten up the one that you wear.
Let it shine and you just might find
You’ll lighten up the load that you bear.

You know with all the trouble and sorrow in the world
It seems like the least we can do,
Just take that smile into the street
And share it with everybody you meet.”

A week ago, I was having a tough day but managed to smile at a small, elderly lady at the grocery store. She apparently had been having a bad day, too, and my smile lightened her load. She smiled back at me gratefully.

It reminded me of a story my Dad tells.

One day my Dad was having his shoes shined at his usual place (in fact the shoe shiner was the father of Reggie Jackson – so Dad followed Reggie’s career from when he was just a kid).

Dad sat next to an elderly, elegantly dressed black gentleman also there to have his shoes shined.

The gentleman complimented my father on his suit and hat.

My father replied: Thank you very much. Coming from such an elegant man as yourself, it is a fine compliment indeed.

The gentleman responded with the following: You put perfume in the air, it touches everyone.

The perfume this gentleman put in the air, continues to touch many, many people, even 50 years later:

When I smiled at the elderly lady and she smiled back….well that perfume….touched me, too.


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