World War II: Waiting Orders to Go Back on Combat

May 15th, 2014

While waiting to get back on combat, after returning from being shot down, I was doing some maintenance and training the new guys.

I was up in the air mock dogfighting with a couple of new guys when Base Ops called: Are your guns hot?

Me: Yes.

BO: Go out over the North Sea, there’s a lifeboat of airmen who bailed from the bomber, near Helgaland, and provide top cover.

We headed out there, found the guys and circled watching out for the enemy.

They were sure glad to see us.

I noticed a Ju88 headed for the boat. I told my wingmen to stay tight over the lifeboat and headed for the Ju88. It saw me, turned around and skidaddled.

I caught up to it just as it was crossing over the land and shot it down.

I headed back and we continued to provide cover until the lifeboat of guys was picked up.

We went back to Leiston. After I landed I went into Base Ops and told him: I shot down a Ju-88. Here’s the gun camera footage.

Base Ops’ jaw dropped: You aren’t supposed to be on combat!!! Can’t you do anything right?

Me: Geez! You told me to go out there!

He gave my “kill” to Eddie Simpson making him an ace. That was tough: I still only had one kill (really two but didn’t get credit for 2nd one even thought I had footage and wingman confirmation) so a long way from ace.

I was anxious to get back on full-fledged combat but this helped. :-)

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