Victoria’s Cooking is an Adventure – Alaskan Wild Salmon

August 21st, 2014

We recently returned from helicopter fishing in Alaska. We fly out over rivers. Look down. If we see fish, we land and catch fish. If we don’t see fish, we move to the next spot or next river. The flying is great, scenery is spectacular, the fishing relaxing and fun. The last day we saw a gigantic base of a rainbow – it almost looked like a pyramid. Truly the widest rainbow I have ever seen. Photos rarely depict rainbows well – the magnificence of color and the magnitude. So this photo is just a hint of the experience:


Sometimes I cook the wild salmon we catch in Alaska.

I have a special recipe which unfortunately makes people think I can cook. But I cook my grandmother’s way: a little of this, a little of that…..

Hers always worked.

Mine – uh….sometimes.

Last time, even my father said he wouldn’t ever have salmon unless I cooked it, he liked it so much.

The challenge came when he said that to my cousin while at my cousin’s house awaiting dinner.

My cousin, who fortunately has a sense of humor, laughed and said he hadn’t gotten the memo. He was serving salmon in about 10 minutes.

What was not lost on anyone was that I had cooked dinner – shocker – and that it had been that good – BIG shocker.

One time I tried Chuck Yeager’s Grandma’s Award Winning butterscotch pah recipe. I didn’t have one ingredient so went online to find what gourmet chefs would consider a viable alternative. In this case, they were wrong.

After I finished, I tasted it….

And threw it over the porch for the deer. The next morning, it was gone. Not a morsel was left.

The next afternoon, I tried again.

Finished. Tasted. Over the porch for the deer. The next morning, it was gone – not a morsel was left.

The third time was the charm. It actually tasted great!

I went outside to survey the scenery. There was the deer, a little plumper, looking alarmed, in a panic, as it looked up at me as if to say: “AHHHHHHH. I need my fix. Where’s my butterscotch PAH!!!!?”

In our house, when I cook dinner, we always have a back-up plan or four – cereal, popcorn, diet frozen dinner, or local restaurant.


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