The Opportunity to Help – Recalling the Wise Words of Roy Clark

June 25th, 2019

I was in a large chain store today.  An elderly lady asked if I worked there as I was reaching down to get something. I smiled and said no. She smiled, said Oh and looked around.

Then I thought about it, turned back and said, But I may be able to help – what do you need? Lucky me – it was something very simple.

She had been there the day before to get something for her husband. She thought she had found it in that aisle but hadn’t had enough money to pay for it. She showed me the list and pointed to the one in particular.

I found it fairly quickly and was grateful she had given me the opportunity to help her.

As I think about it today, I realized she never thanked me. She was so focused and stressed and frankly after I found it for her, I moved on to find what I needed.

I had lived the wise words of our good friend Roy Clark – don’t wait for a thank you, you don’t need it.

He’s right.


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