Story for our book “So You THINK You Want to be Famous…..”

July 30th, 2016

I answered the phone today: “Hello?”

Caller: I’d like to speak to Chuck Yeager

Me: What’s it regarding?

Caller: My girlfriend.

Me: In what regard?

Caller: She’s a flatearththeorist.

Me: She’s a what?

Caller: She believes the flatearththeory.

Me: She believes in what?

Caller: Flat earth theory.

Me: So…

Caller: Chuck has got to tell me how to handle this.  I gotta get her to see she’s wrong.

Me: Take her to the library. Show her globes, books. Take  her outside – show her the night sky.

Caller: I guess I can but she believes everything she reads on the internet.

Me: Then show her the round earth websites.

Caller: What am I going to do? I gotta nip this in the bud!

Me: How old is she?

Caller: 42. She won’t change! Chuck’s gotta help me! What should I do?

Me: Get a new girlfriend.

Caller: Can I speak to Chuck – I need his help.

Me: No, that’s not something he does.

Caller: Oh. Uh. Okay.

Hangs up.




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