Snake Doctors and Grandpa Yeager: Musings of Childhood

June 28th, 2014

From General Yeager:

I was watching a fleet of snake doctors today. That’s what we called dragon flies as kids.

Reminded me of my grandfather: Grandpa Yeager. He could fix anything. I used to hike from Myra, then later, when we moved, from Hamlin – quite a long way – to visit Grandpa Yeager. He literally lived up a creek. Mom would supply me with an onion – I’d eat the whole thing, peelin’s and all, on the way.

Even today some of the walls of Grandpa and Grandma Yeager’s house are still standing. You can see where the go-down was – there’s still some glass there.

And where the crapper was. On the creek.

Downstream of course.

You can also see where are “refridgerator” was – a little cave above the creek that stayed cool all summer long too.

The gas well is still there, too.

Grandpa Yeager had a glass eye, which he would take out, turn upside down, and put back in much to our amusement. He never let something like only having one seeing eye stop him.

He was skinny as a rail. Grandma Yeager, however, was not.

I recently learned Grandma Yeager’s first name, as to me her first name was “Grandma”.  Her given first name was Adeline. Grandma Yeager was rather large. She was the barometer of big.

If someone said someone was really big!

People, with eyes wide, incredulous, would say: As big as Adeline?

Grandpa Yeager’s father was known as “Big Frank (Yeager)”.  He had had 27 children. 14 by the first wife who died in childbirth. 13 by the second wife who refused to have a 14th child!

To the current generation, his son, or grandson, also each named Frank, is the one now known as “Big Frank (Yeager)”. So it made for an amusing search

Also, Grandpa Yeager and one of his brothers were both named Marion. One was Marion General, oddly was my Grandfather – two generals in the family now. And the brother was Marion Newman – which most referred to as Newman to ease the confusion.

This got confusing when we went back to the area looking for his house.

Grandpa and Grandma Yeager have a beautiful gravestone – I’m standing in front of it for my fb photo.

I learned a lot from him.



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