Singing to Oak Ridge Boys-Come on In, Baby Take Your Clothes Off

February 1st, 2014

When I met GCY, I was not very familiar with the Oak Ridge Boys music although I think my favorite music is harmony, especially not amplified and although did know of their hit Elvira.

As I’ve gotten to know them a little, and see several of their concerts, listen to their music on long drives; I’ve gotten to know some lyrics. Sort of.

While their lyrics are clearer than a lot of music growing up – I am still one of those people who sometimes, okay often, misses the correct words.

So at one of the concerts last year, I was singing along with Duane Allen to “Come On In”:

“Come On In”

When I get tired and a little lonely,

The worlds turned it’s cold back on me
When I’m about to swear I ain’t got a friend left to my name
Instead of sinking a little lower I start making tracks on over
To a place where the sun shines day and night
And where I know I’ll hear you say

Come on in, baby take your clothes off,

Come on in, baby take a load off (with Richard Sterban)
Come on in, baby shake the blues off (singing along with Joe Bonsall as he stops heel tapping to really belt this out :-)
I’m gonna love that frown away

I kept thinking it was a bit risque for the Oak Ridge Boys.

And I got some “Huh?” looks from the people around me at the concert.

By the next chorus, it dawned on me but this old habit is somehow hard to break.

GCY doesn’t mind the words I sing in the car to the CD but he does give me that look –

“Come on in, Baby take your clothes off

Come on in, Baby take a load off….”

Ha ha.


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