Raiders v. Packers

October 13th, 2015

We were guests of the 49ers owners and relegated to the “kids” booth with “The Catch”. Adult kids. Fun times.  There were six of us.

Before the game started, we were given passes to stroll around the field. We stopped at one corner. A ball came our way – another fan pounced on it but couldn’t throw.

One of our friends is a Packers fan. I thought it would be impolitic for him to wear his cheesehead or even green. He agreed and complied but he did get excited when we strolled where the Packers were practicing. He tempered it and did so during the game as well.

After the team left to get ready and come out formally, I asked if we could go out and play touch football now? They thought I was funny. I was serious! Sorta. Just play for a few minutes.

Here are some photos of us with some of our friends:

Yeager.Mondavi.gang.49er game.DSC02459 (2)

Photo Oct 04, 12 55 15 PM

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