Kerfuffle – my new old word

June 27th, 2013
I like words. Or some of them. There are so many interesting ones.
My friend used one I hadn’t heard in a long time. Kerfuffle.
I don’t have to use it in a sentence to explain it: I’ll just quote her: “There is much more to this movie – the kids were watching it later in life and this clip did not show that part. I really did NOT intend to stir up such a kerfuffle with it!”
My response was: Kerfuffle. Love that word. Never spelled it before. Kerfuffle.
Other people’s responses to such words can be very interesting which reflects back on my interest in words.

Other person’s response: “Kerfuffle, too long to use in scrabble game…”

I couldn’t resist since I play Scrabble or used to and love playing the game – words – so I responded: “You’re right any word you can’t use in Scrabble…¬†And there is no piece of it that is a word on its own. Dang. *

I really like kerfuffle – it’s got all those consonants that swear words have so I’m going to try to train myself to yell that when I bang my toe or some such event.

People will probably be so startled they’ll say “God Bless you” or “Gesundheit” in response.


*If you’re not a Scrabble player, you only have seven letters in your “hand” to spell a word but you must use what’s on the board already whether it’s one letter or a word. So if there were a piece that was a word on its own and were already placed on the board, you could add the to that word. But not with kerfuffle).

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