German Pilot Who Shot My P-51B Down – General Chuck Yeager

March 9th, 2016

From General Chuck Yeager: In 2010 I returned to the area where I got shot down. I was tail end charlie in Glamorous Glenn II, a P-51B model, on a mission to Bordeaux to disrupt the ships there and a ball bearing factor. We had turned East from Bordeaux because the weather was stinking and foggy – we couldn’t see our target but we sure could see the flak. There was an airport of opportunity East of Bordeaux.

Just as we turned, I saw three Me-109s heading straight for us from behind. I called Bandits 6 o’clock” and  turned into them. I got some hits but they got my radiator. I didn’t have to jump out; my airplane was falling apart all around me.

I waited as long as I could to open my parachute – didn’t want to be a sitting duck and it was safer below 6000′ for survival.

Many have asked me what happened to that pilot.

I went to the National Archives in 2013. There was the encounter report of Obie O’Brien, our flight leader, who couldn’t see worth beans, but fortunately could see well enough to  see the German ME-109 pilot who had shot me down, coming by for a pass at me free-falling.

Obie shot him down before he could shoot me again.  I never knew this until I returned to my squadron several months later.

In France, in 2010, our friend had located the field where the plane had come down. The pilot jumped out but his chute never opened.

It was fairly close to the farm of the family where I hid out for a week and played soccer and fished with Jean, their son.



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