General Yeager Fixes his Gun on the F-100

September 5th, 2014

I got a call from one of my men in my squadron (“D”) in the 1950’s. He was telling me some stories:

D: One night I heard a big bang about 11 o’clock at night. I wondered what the heck it was and went out to see. You were banging on the F-100’s guns.

Me: Yeah, I thought: the maintenance guys are gonna kill me. I was making the group tighter.

D: And you won the gunnery meet.

Me: Yeah.

D: I had a gun mis-function – jammed. I was hittin’ the rag. I still had some I could shoot  so I asked that they put 10 on one side and 10 on the other. With 20 in one gun and none in the other, you know!, the plane would yawl. They disqualified my shoot because I didn’t put them all in one gun. I thought that was a bad deal.

D: Another time, both of us had been up to the Cuddyback. Driving the jeep and I was in the passenger seat. We had stopped at the four corners, you know if you turned one way it took you to Edwards, and I asked you – what would you like to do when you got out of the Air Force.

You said: I’d like to have an automobile garage where I took cars with problems, put them in an assembly line and whatever was wrong when they went in, I’d fix them right up so they came out right on the other end.

Gen Yeager: I still like to work on cars but they’re so damned complicated now you can’t do anything.

D: When you went to Russia, Jackie gave you some perfume to give to Glennis and Glennis would have them in the house so she gave them to my wife. My wife still has them – they’re still sitting up on the shelf.

D: Remember Lavin?

Yeager: Yeah he was going to intercept us so we flew on the deck and he flew right by us. Heh heh.

D: Afterwards, all us guys are laying around on the grass laughing like heck.

D: I remember you (Yeager) used to have us over to your house – like a squadron party. Your favorite thing to do was to make ice cream and we had fresh ice cream. And fresh pizza. Those were the days.


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