General Chuck Yeager’s Grandma’s Award Winning Butterscotch Pah

June 27th, 2013

Gen Yeager makes great butterscotch pah (which is West Virginian for pie). But not often.

To get General Yeager to make some, I entered him in the men only baked goods contest for the Nevada County fair. He grumbled.

It’s Grandma Yeager’s recipe. Grandma Yeager, Adeline, was an interesting character. She was the barometer of size. If someone was describing another and said, He was big; the immediate response was: “As big as Adeline?”

Of course her husband, Grandpa Yeager, was skinny.

Grandma Yeager also smoked a pipe and carried it in a garter under her dress.

Grandpa Yeager is General Yeager’s hero. Grandpa Yeager could do anything. If he couldn’t, he’d ponder it for a while and figure it out. Sound familiar?

There’s some tricky maneuvers to make butterscotch pah but even a bad one is pretty good. The first one didn’t turn out great. The second one did.

We kept the 2nd one and entered the first one. So you can see our priorities.

When we went to the fair to see how General Yeager had faired (yup, I said faired), we found most of the pie gone except one piece (the 3 judges are only each supposed to take a bite, maybe two but clearly it tasted too good to stop).

One piece left – but with a blue ribbon on it. Woo hoo!

Some people asked if I had really made it – if they only knew. If I had made it…okay I’ll tell you that little story proving I could not have made a pah that won an award:

We had a hankering for butterscotch pah so CY asked me to make some. ME? It’s your family recipe.

I drew the short stick but he learned. The first pah, I didn’t have an ingredient, so I went online, learned of a substitute. Well, the substitute didn’t work out. So I tossed it over the railing for the deer.

The next afternoon I tried again. It…too…was bad. And remember I wrote: “even a bad one is pretty good” so these two attempts had to be pretty darn bad to throw over the railing for the deer.

The third day, success! The stars, the moon and the sun aligned so that I could make a decent butterscotch pah. So I made two. And our neighbors and we enjoyed butterscotch pah for a few days – a little goes a long way – it’s very rich.

After I finished the butterscotch pahs on the third day, while waiting for them to set, I went out to the porch to throw some other food that had gone bad over the porch. Standing below was the deer looking up with an insistently expectant look – Where’s my butterscotch pah?

Obviously they aren’t as critical as I am – heck maybe they especially liked the lumps and weird texture.

Right after we saw General Yeager’s butterscotch pah’s blue ribbon, we heard the local radio personality, who had won every year with his special apple pie, (not pah, he’s not from West Virginia) had sort of complained: I came in 2nd for the 1st time ever, but I guess if you have to lose, losing to Chuck Yeager isn’t so bad. I wonder if he got a little extra boost ’cause he’s Chuck Yeager?

Well! Fortunately we had not eaten the whole other pah, so the next day we brought our friend who had reported the story to us, a piece to give to the radio personality to try. Being honorable, the radio personality, accepted it and decided to taste it first on air.

RP: I’m tasting this in front of you so you can hear my honest, timely reaction.

RP takes a bite. Seconds, which in radio is hours, pass.

Finally RP says contritely: OK. That is good – that did deserve to win.

RP had sent us a piece of his pie to try to which we were looking forward with great anticipation.

We went to the office only to find the intermediary had eaten it before he even got to the office.

RP still owes us a piece of special apple pie.

We’ve been meaning to write a book: General Chuck Yeager’s Grandma’s Recipes (and a few of his own).

Now we can title it: General Chuck Yeager’s Grandma’s Award Winning Recipes (and a few of his own).

Has a much better ring to it.


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