Fishing on the Tsiu – First 2 days

September 8th, 2010

We arrived on the spit between the Pacific Ocean and the Tsiu River in the rain by Gooney Bird, the DC 3 -which is always a great ride rain or shine.

DC 3 - fun ride

Best transport from Anchorage - DC 3

That afternoon, many went out to fish, including Gen Yeager. I slept and read – really needed it.Gen Yeager came back quite happy – he had caught 25 or so. So he didn’t notice the torrential downpour around him.The next day, it was somewhat cloudy but we fished and caught a few. In the afternoon, Jody, Charles, other guests, a guide and I went to find the big whale bone Jody had found the day before.The guys gathered around it to pick it up.

I was extremely helpful:… I stayed the heck out of the way.

And also didn’t jump in with any advice.

Whale of a tail

Whale of a tail

c. GCYI      The pelvic whale bone found on the bluff between Tsiu River & Pacific was placed in front of the cabins.

We also picked up a round of wood – perfect seating. While the guys scoffed, the guide picked it up and hauled it on his shoulder. One strong dude. And of course the guys are fighting to use it. 

We continued on to do some beachcombing. I wasn’t inspired so our tote goat didn’t stop much…until I saw the weirdest shaped piece of wood. Had to have it.

On our ride back to the other tote goat, I saw some very shiny rocks and marked them mentally for a visit later. Everyone was beachcombing so I joined them. And walked back to my shiny rocks. Lots of fools’ gold.

Although C told me that lots of gold had been mined on the beach just south of us. Hmmmm.Beautiful colors. I wondered if this was like Lost Horizon. If I moved them they would lose their glisten. Some of the items we had found last year didn’t look as good dry as wet. I started finding all sorts of interesting rocks.

I also picked up some more interesting wood – Jody is an artist and wanted them for a mirror frame.

I found one that looked like a sailboat with a small sail.

Jody saw it and said: Oh! A submarine (with a periscope – rather large funky one – my sail).

When  I showed it to General Yeager he said: Nice – a girl in a boat! 

My own Worschak test. I had to tell the joke then. Guy comes into the psychiatrist’s office who proceeds to show him ink drawing after ink drawing. After looking at each one, the guy would describe each as some sexual act. The psychiatrist concluded to the patient: You have a preoccupation with pornography, don’t you? The patient said: Me?!?!? You’re the one with all the dirty pictures!

Gen Yeager and I have found all sorts of interestingly shaped or colored rocks. One looked like a monkey face – the one with the long faces – like a Modigliani portrait- staring up at us.

We espied a baby bear eating some food and ran along side it with the ATV. This one was smart. It turned behind us. Good for it!

While the others got the tote goats over the dune, J and I walked back one mile to the cabins – great exercise. (Bear was back with the food so no danger). And saw the swans with their cignets peacefully swimming along the edge of the marsh.

Victoria's foot to measure baby bear tracks

Baby bear tracks-measured against my foot

 c. GCYI

These are baby bear tracks we saw later (not the same bear we saw- she was larger). This one must have been extra cute – so little so late in the season! Don’t EVER want to get between it and its mother. Even with a gun – because you would have to shoot – it would attack you – and then this little one would probably not survive – too little.


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