F-16 Pilot talks about General Chuck Yeager –

August 23rd, 2014

General Yeager and I were passengers – the pilot was driving us back from the F-16 after the flight.

Gen Yeager had been his IP essentially although of course the pilot was experienced..

I asked the pilot – how was the flight?

He said: Great! Actually, I learned a lot. I was handling the stick when Gen Yeager said, Why are you moving the stick so much? I said: I don’t know. I was just taught to do it that way.

(I thought – wow, that’s a secure pilot who doesn’t try to bravado his way around).

Pilot continued: Gen Yeager said: Here son, let me show you something.

He took the stick and never moved it. We flew incredibly smoothly, hardly knew we were turning.

We had been at Edwards visiting. Senator, but then Governor, Manchin had come out to take a tour while Gen Yeager was there. We had gone on the flight line.

There’s nothing like watching the prep for flight in an F-15 or 16 especially when General Chuck Yeager is flying.

Or driving nearby or ahead of the planes. Then waiting on the “run-up” area.




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