Don’t Worry the Good Lord Won’t Let That Happen – a rousing evening with the Oak Ridge Boys

September 4th, 2016

What a great concert tonight. The Oak Ridge Boys enthralled a crowd of 2000 in Lincoln, California’s outdoor venue.

We got to sit on stage in the “wings”.  Darrick Kinslow introduced the show but 1st he introduced the greatest pilot of all time, American hero, General Chuck Yeager whereupon General Yeager came out.

It is something to see a crowd of 2000 people jump to their feet and cheer. General Yeager responded: “Nice to see such a large group of people I don’t have to pay for. “

The crowd laughed and cheered even more loudly if that was possible.

“I’m happy to be here – the Boys and I go back a long way. Thanks!”

The first three songs were rousing, clapping, dancing tunes. The Oak Ridge Boys were singing and dancing and the Might Oaks Band playing, dancing and all, including the audience. were thoroughly enjoying themselves. The stage was shaking and vibrating. General Yeager looked at me with a mock worried look that we were going to fall through. It sure felt like it.

I told General Yeager, “Don’t worry the Good Lord won’t let that happen.”

This was a reference to a story when he was little. At the big white church in Myra, West Virginia where Charles, as he was known as a child, Yeager was born, and which is one of only 2 buildings left, and the only one still in use; they had a come to Jesus foot stomping prayer meetin’. The floor was a-shakin’ and a-rattlin’. One of the stompers dropped his watch. Little Charles Yeager, ever observant, shook his mother’s skirt and pointed. He also was scared they would stomp right through to the basement. His mother replied, “Don’t worry, Son. The good Lord won’t let that watch get broken and he won’t let the floor fall through.”

We enjoyed the parallel

I realized yet something new tonight – or more I think I’m able to finally describe it. When Duane Allen sings, his voice rather lingers after he’s finished. I particularly notice this when he sings such phrases as “Raven hair”. Interesting and so smooth.

William Lee sang a song new to us – about love, no regrets. So melodic and soothing. All was right in the world for those moments. It was a bit chilly so General Yeager and I got close to keep warm. The song helped, gave us more reason to stay close.

I went to get some water and came back to a lovely scene – Darrick Kinslow sitting with General Yeager watching the Boys. Two ol’ friends. Nice. I came over and DK started to jump up to give me the chair. I declined and eventually just sat on the floor. I’ve always liked sitting on the floor for some reason. Someone might give me a comfy chair and I will sit on the floor in front of it using the part close to the floor as a back rest. And here I was very much at home. And instead of tapping my feet I was tapping my knees or moving them up and down to the beat.

Something else I noticed tonight, maybe again, is that the Boys have great rhythm. What I mean is, they feel all the beats, the syncopated beats, etc. My three older brothers from birth are all decent to good dancers. Two feel a rhythm, the third counts while he’s dancing. He can count to the music so it works. What didn’t work growing up was he would tell me I was out of beat with the music – because he didn’t feel the syncopated part. I ignored him but he kept interrupting my peace so I just plainly told him I didn’t care; I was enjoying myself, not dancing for viewers, so leave me alone.

I noticed that when Duane was slapping his leg to the beat, he often did a double or syncopated beat. Yay. And Joe did the same with his heel tapping (he’s a heel tapper more than a toe tapper :-) As am I, since my feet don’t bend enough for the usual toe tapping.

General Yeager mentioned a couple of times that Joe was in the finest form the General has ever seen him.

And Richard, so perfect in his deep notes, was beautifully dressed. Now if I had seen his coat and his shirt, I would not have had the wonderful fashion sense to put those together but they were perfect and interesting. Richard credited Donna, his wife. I might have to ask her to take me shopping…. I think last time we chatted in person, she was looking me up and down as a lost cause :-)

Gen Yeager also commented on Duane’s brightly multi-colored shirt. Duane replied, “So you can see me, General.” I might have to use that line – giving credit of course.

Rex, Jeff, and Roger did their synchronized guitar in one of my favorite songs (especially for dancing) “Love Song” which always brings a smile.

Dave was clearly having a good time and leading into the songs on drums. Scotty was his usual cool, calm, and collected self on the other side of the stage.

Of course, the highlight was our favorite song. “It wasn’t on the play list, ” said Joe, “but the General is here and it’s his favorite song…. So now it is (on the playlist).”

The Boys, with Ronnie on piano, nailed it tonight as they do every time we hear them. Tonight, with 2000 people in the audience spellbound and two on stage in the “wings” ….” It Takes a Little Rain” was magical.

Another great evening with the Boys.

Thank you, Boys!






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