Colleen Hoover – Had to Have a Sense of Humor to Marry Bob :-) by Chuck Yeager

March 19th, 2016

Chuck Yeager: “Bob Hoover called us this morning. Colleen had died in his arms a week ago. They had been married 68 years.

I remember Colleen’s first or second date with Bob they went flying and ended up in the trees. The farmer who owned the tree came out of his house with a shotgun yelling: “Git yourself and your airplane outta there or I’m gonna shoot you!”

Colleen must have had a sense of humor and loved Bob because she married him after that!

I had gone back to West Virginia to drive my infant son Mickey from Mom’s out to Muroc AFB (later called Edwards AFB), California, and was going to pick up Bob and Colleen in Dayton, OH on the way. They had just gotten married, literally, when I arrived.

We drove forever and since none of us had enough money for a motel, stayed the first night in a graveyard. Some wedding night! Thanks goodness Colleen had that sense of humor.

Mom had fixed up a mixture of Karo syrup and boiled water to mix in with the baby’s canned milk feedings for Mickey to eat. With the heat, the Karo fermented and Mickey got plastered. He wore a silly grin and giggled clear across the country.

Colleen made it clear she wasn’t ready to take care of babies.

A couple of days later, we arrived at my house and as Colleen tells it: as a joke, Chuck hadn’t changed Mickey’s diapers after he had messed his pants a half hour before. Even after Colleen suggested it,  Chuck refused to stop. He handed the baby over to Glennis and she was horrified: “You didn’t change his diapers the whole drive?????!!!?!?!!?”  I replied: “Hell, no. We just wrapped another blanket around him to keep down the smell.”

Quite the introduction to military life for Colleen!

Whenever I introduced Bob at various events and awards ceremonies, I always told the crowd that the honors should really go to Colleen. She was his better half and a true partner without whom Bob would never have succeeded so well in life.

Victoria and I truly admired Colleen and will miss her.”





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