Chuck Yeager on his Caterpillar Tractor

September 18th, 2010

We sure enjoy our caterpillar tractor – D-4. General Yeager smooths out our roads and fire breaks. He was using our neighbor’s scraper so scraped the neighbor’s long driveway while he was at it.

Today General Yeager was knocking down trees before they fell down on our house. The animals love that – greenery to eat. The turkeys got in among the leaves  now on the ground. The quail found their spot. The two fawns found another.

Quail. Still can’t get over how tiny the day old ones are. Running across the driveway – it’s like you and me running flat out 10 miles in 5 seconds. IF we could run the whole distance at all. Soooo cute.

The peahen, banished from the house area due to too much pooping, tried to come back – definitely a people bird. The peacocks would find themselves wherever our friend was working on our property.

Our neighbor’s cows died. First we heard one had died. Then we heard three. But no one knows how yet. Rumors were flying.  None of them made sense, though. Sure hope it wasn’t blind poachers shooting them  – that was the first rumor. OR confused poachers – it is elk season.

I remember talking to a friend and when his wife came in, she had that deer in headlights look. Gen Yeager was talking about shooting a yearling cow with milk on its mouth (sure to get a rise out of someone usually). As he went on about stalking the cow, the wife’s uncomfortable energy got so palpable you could cut it.

Finally, the lightbulb went on for the husband: It’s a cow ELK.

She had thought General Yeager was talking about shooting a regular moo cow and couldn’t understand what was so special about that – other than it was odd, and easy if one really wanted to shoot a moo cow. But… weird.

Quite relieved, I think she started breathing again. It was funny.

Country life.

Beautiful day, though, except for the cows.  Moo cows. Now in moo heaven. Or not – I never noticed if they behaved themselves.


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