Chuck Yeager Flying Helicopter Like No Other

December 17th, 2017

When General Yeager and I visited with Dick & Pip Smith in 2004 for Dick’s 60th birthday party in Australia, he took us to various places around the east coast of Australia. It was great fun. Dick holds several records – some include 1st to fly around the world solo in a helicopter – went west to east. First to fly around the world by the North to South Pole.

We were sad to leave and the very last day before our flight, Dick took us on a helicopter tour of Sydney. How beautiful -I felt so lucky. I had been to Australia twice before but totally different types of trips.

As we were flying on the north side of Sydney, Dick said, “Chuck would you like to fly?” Chuck said yes so Dick handed him theĀ  controls. He then told Gen Yeager that he wanted to fly over his daughter’s place which was at 7 o’clock. Gen Yeager did a sharp turn to head that direction.

Dick started hyperventilating and talking out loud to himself – probably for Gen Yeager to hear. “Gasp!….That’s quite an angle…gasp… of attack…gasp…steep…gasp…turn….uh, gasp.. I wouldn’t do that…gasp But I guess…gasp…it’s okay…gasp…it’s Chuck Yeager….”

And it was fine. We flew by Dick’s daughter’s house – we all waved and then headed home.

So many great adventures with GCY.


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