Books I’m reading

September 28th, 2010

We’re doing some research so I’ve been re-reading Yeager, An Autobiography. It is such a great  book – Chuck Yeager telling stories as only he can.

I’m also reading The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman. It’s about the zookeeper’s wife in Warsaw, Poland just before, during and just after World War II.

I have always been struck by the courage of the Poles during World War II and for some reason felt very very bad that they, having fought so valiantly, didn’t get freedom until 45 years later.

Amazing. And quite a history lesson. I can’t imagine the courage required to live in daily fear constantly worried if each person you see is going to turn you in arbitrarily, cause you to be uprooted, sent to a camp…

I think about General Yeager and his time with the French underground and then the Maquis. What courage all of them had. If caught, torture, then shot.

Then General Yeager risking being caught, not making it over the mountains – because he chose to carry a wounded airman.


I am also reading Hoodwinked by John Perkins. Wow. What a mess. Everyone should read it – especially college students. Very enlightening.  The disdain for individuals, for people, is astounding.

I love the Zookeeper’s Wife though – with all her wild animals running around the house. What characters.


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