Butterscotch Pah & our Neighbors – the deer

November 27th, 2011

Someone hinted they had never tasted CY’s butterscotch pah (pie in West Virginian).

General Yeager, using his grandmother’s recipe, had won the Blue Ribbon at the Nevada County Fair’s Men’s Baked Goods Contest in 2001 or so for his butterscotch pah.

The judges had liked it so much that rather than just a couple of pieces missing for tasting, au contraire, only one piece was left!

(For that story, please go to http://victoriayeager.com/general-chuck-yeagers-grandmas-award-winning-butterscotch-pah/)

Since we were going to this someone’s house for Thanksgiving, I tried to make the butterscotch pah for them.

There’s a very challenging part. I didn’t get there the first attempt – the evaporated milk had….well…evaporated beyond recognition. Guess it was an old can. To say the least.

The deer were the beneficiaries of this. They’re not picky.

So I started over. We didn’t have any cornstarch but the internet said we could use quick cooking tapioca pudding. Not.

I had done everything right, it was smelling great, got past the challenging part. Then added the tapioca.

I turned off the fire. Then went back to taste it. Nice and smooth, tasting grea—except for the little tiny hard balls…of tapioca. They did not chew – it was like tough plastic.

I tried to melt them. No go.

I dumped this second try. It smelled so good. Tasted so good – just these pesky tapioca balls….

I had run out of the dark brown sugar. Frankly, I wasn’t so keen on it anyway – you need the realllllllly dark brown sugar for those that are butterscotch pah officionados. For new tasters, the fake brown sugar (white sugar with molasses put back in ) kind I had would be fine.

So I gave up.

Need cornstarch and real dark brown sugar.

When we looked outside – it was clear word was out.

Eight, count ’em eight! deer were enjoying the butterscotch pah.

How civilized.

I  learned in a social pscyhology class at university that if you’re in a group and you do something three times, the rest of the group will expect it ever after.

But apparently with butterscotch pah it is only two times.

The third day, I went out on the deck, and there were all the deer looking up at me with an expectant expression that read: “HEY! Where’s our butterscotch pah?”


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